30 Times

I am graduating from high school in 86 days 5 hours 51 minutes and 48… 47… 46 seconds. With every passing day it is becoming alarmingly clear how close I am to a new chapter in life. A chapter I thought couldn’t get here fast enough. A chapter I thought I was completely ready for. A chapter that would finally pull me closer to my purpose in Christ.

As graduation creeps closer I am starting to understand how unprepared I am to leave behind my high school days. Not because I don’t want to go to college, or because I don’t think I’ll do well, or because I’ll miss the crowded hallways (which I won’t, not even remotely). I’m unprepared because I’m not ready to leave behind my friends. I’m not ready to step into this next chapter of my life. I am so close to adulthood, but I feel so far from being responsible enough to take on that battle.

I’m not ready.

I looked at all of this through the eyes of a stressed out teenage girl with no way of knowing everything will turn out well. Too many times during this school year I have forgotten who I should rely on. God is who we need to look to when we are struggling. He is our rock and salvation.

While I was reading Genesis this week I noticed something that God said to Jacob. While Jacob was fleeing Laban, the Lord instructed him to go to the land where his brother Esau was living. This terrified Jacob! God knew how he felt, and reassured him, “I will be with you”. What a powerful statement.

3897e8b48046087c3c4badda6ba17e4eJust think about it. The God of the universe tells a mere human, “I will be with you”. The dictionary definition of “with” is “to be accompanied by”. Now let’s put that verse a different way, “I will accompany you”, or “I will escort you”. When this little phrase is broken down, it has so much meaning. Do you want to know the best part? This is what God says to you. These are the words He uses to comfort you, to let you know that you will never be alone.

Throughout the Bible, the phrases “I will be with you”, or “I am with you” are used at least 30 times. They are used in the old and new testaments. I want to emphasize that Jacob was walking into a territory that he was deathly afraid of. God instructed Jacob to go to that land even though he was afraid. There are many times when God will push us beyond our limits, but He will never let us break. God let Jacob know that even through the trials He will still be there. He is saying the same thing to us.

No matter how hard it may be to face the future, and accept that I don’t know how everything will turn out, I know that my God will be with me. He will be with me when I graduate high school. He will be with me when I am trying to pay for college. He will be with me when I am at my worst. He will be with me, always. 30 times, He promised to be with us. Even though I don’t know how my life will turn out, I am walking with the one who does. So what shall I fear?




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