Let’s Go To Europe!

Right now, I have three big goals in life:

  1. Go to a Christian school
  2. Become a published author
  3. Study abroad

Of these three, I have accomplished one. For the next four years I will be attending a Christian University. Now, my eyes and heart, are set on studying abroad during my senior year.

tenor (1).gif

I have wanted to travel to Europe for years! The history and beauty are so alluring. To be more specific, I want to study abroad at the University of Oxford. e59912100b0de21d41be04eec6a4494f.jpg Which is also known as the oldest standing English institution of higher learning. (I felt so professional when I typed that). No one actually knows when it was founded, but there are records of teaching dating back to 1029. (I got that from Wikipedia, I know, such a reliable website 😛 ).  Out of all the options for study abroad at my university, this would be the best one for one simple reason. The most beautiful form of literature (in my opinion) originates from England. There are famous authors who got their education from Oxford. Authors such as J.R.R. Tolkien (who was also a professor there), C.S. Lewis, Dr. Seuss, and Oscar Wilde.

I am in love with the writing style seen in English literature. While difficult to understand at times, it is my favorite writing style. This is why I am obsessed with Shakespeare.


Hopefully, studying at Oxford will better my writing skills and help me solidify my writing voice.

The second reason this is a good fit, is because IT’S OXFORD, PEOPLE!!!! There are many gorgeous college campuses, but the University of Oxford surpasses them all.

England, in general, is such a beautiful place. Plus, it’s teeming with history. Let me clarify: it’s teeming with LITERARY history. If I had the chance to study abroad at Oxford, I would make sure there was time to visit the Globe Theatre (really anything that has to do with Shakespeare), 221b Baker street and the Sherlock Holmes Museum, the British Library, the George Inn (Charles Dickens frequented the pub), Poets Corner at Westminster Abbey, Charles Dickens Museum, Ye Old Cheshire Cheese (a pub where many literary legends frequented), Bloomsbury, and I am sure I will find more.


This is my dream. What I have found recently, is that God has a funny way of making those dreams happen. For my entire life (I am not exaggerating), I have wanted to go to a Christian school. Now, as a college student, I have the chance to fulfill that dream. While God’s timing, and my timing, may be different I know He will come through. Perhaps, I am not supposed to study abroad. Maybe I will visit England after I graduate (who am I kidding? I’ll visit whether I study abroad or not 😉 ).

giphy (2).gif

At the moment, this is my heart’s desire. Financially, I have no idea how it will work out. There is always hope, though. By earthly standards, I shouldn’t even be attending the school I am enrolled at. There was no conceivable way for me to afford it, but God made a way. If He wants me to go to England, then He will provide a way. In other words, I really, really, REALLY hope it’s in His will for me to go 🙂 .

Don’t forget to comment below and tell your friends and family about my blog! Also, I will be switching to a bi-monthly newsletter. With school starting next month, I don’t think I’ll have time to write one every single month. You can sign up for this lovely email below. 🙂 Also, it’s my dad’s birthday! So, happy birthday dad!

Have you ever studied abroad? If so, where did you go? If not, would you like to, and where would you go?


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