My name is Moya. I was born and raised in Michigan, contrary to popular belief. (A lot of people assume I’m from another country because of how unique my name is.)  I am a high school student graduating in June! *gasp* Lover of words and music, I spend my days in worlds far from our own. In the future I hope to help others escape this sometimes mundane reality (a.k.a. be an author). I have devoted my life to serving God, and trying my best to do His will.

I’m human. As you have probably assumed. Something that I have learned throughout my life is that we make mistakes. But that’s okay. It’s part of learning and growing so we can become a better person. I am a walking testimonial of this. This is why I write. I write to help others not make the same mistakes as me. I write for my enjoyment, as well as yours. Above all, I write for the glory of God. So join me on this incredible journey of our existence.



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