Breathe Writers Conference

This past weekend I attended my first even writers conference!! This has been my dream for several years, but due to school and my financial situation that has not been possible. Over the summer I started interning with the planning committee for a local writers conference called Breathe. It was the opportunity of a lifetime. … Continue reading Breathe Writers Conference


Making Time to Write

School is in full swing, and I am drowning. That may be a slight exaggeration. I'm keeping up with homework and work just fine, but I haven't had time to work on my current W.I.P. which is frustrating. That being said, today I am taking the time to work on that instead of writing a … Continue reading Making Time to Write

The Fall Tag

FALL IS HERE!!!!! This is my favorite time of the year. It's getting colder out. It's jacket weather. It's rainy and gloomy. IT'S JUST FANTASTIC! The perfect weather for curling up with a warm blanket, fuzzy socks, and a hot cup of tea. I'm in love. The wonderful Rosalie Valentine tagged me in the Hello … Continue reading The Fall Tag