Unbreakable Book Review

Happy 4th of July!!! Okay. I know I'm two days early, but oh well. I hope you all enjoyed 4th of July weekend and will enjoy the holiday. BUT, first things first, I have another book review for you! I have been reading like crazy the past few weeks if you haven't noticed. The reason … Continue reading Unbreakable Book Review


The Storyteller

As most of you know my creative tank has been quite dry lately so coming up with blog posts is becoming more and more difficult. That being said, this post is about a book I read months ago but never did a book review on! Honestly, I'm really surprised I never did a review on … Continue reading The Storyteller


Sara Ella has done it again. Except, even better. A few months ago, I read Unblemished by Ella, and it was fantastic. You can read my book review here. That book was so good I thought Unraveling (the sequel) would be a bit of a let down. Boy, was I wrong! Not only did Sara Ella blow me away … Continue reading Unraveling